My Name Is Craig Rhode Jr.

A true master of Digital Marketing understands how everything works together. Traffic, Data, and the Human Element is what makes Digital Marketing work for brands.

Craig Rhode Jr.

Digital Marketer

Since my days in High School, I have always been in love with the power of the internet. Being one of the first kids in high school to have a modem and the ability to connect to the local BBS systems which would turn into what we know as the Internet. I was offered independent studies during my junior and senior years to work on websites and even install an email server.

My love for the internet, my creativity, and my love to learn has allowed me to be professional Digital Marketer for over 13 years for major brands, professional sports circuits, major digital marketing agencies, and small local businesses. 

My major philosophy when it comes to Digital Marketing is that everything is connected. Successful digital marketing campaigns involve multiple elements that work together. For example, investing in search engine optimization for your business is a powerful step towards increasing your sales, but not all the traffic generated from search engine optimization won’t convert on the first visit. Adding extra elements like advance retargeting, email list building, and social media engagement allows you to secure that investment in search engine optimization is capitalized on. 

My core professional is being an SEO analyst who has spoken at several seminars about the power of search engine optimization for the modern business, but I’m also a PPC wizard who believes in the marketing loop. In order to make sure the efforts put forth from search engine optimization and pay per click work efficiently, I’m also a programmer, web designer, and email marketing professional. 

Crafting content using graphics, video, or words is where my experience in the Adobe Creative Suite pays off. I currently shoot all my videos using my Sony A7sIII and edit using Adobe Premiere. The vast set of skills I learned producing content for professional snocross, auto racing, and industrial video production has allowed me to be adaptable to what any project might need. 

Being flexible, eager to learn, and adaptable to changes is what makes digital marketing so exciting. I welcome any questions or comments, and I personally look forward to sharing what I’m currently in love with you.